Looking for New People to Play With!

Hello everyone!

I have been a Halo fan since day 1 and I always like finding people who play regularly and somewhat competitively, I’ve tried Spartan Companies but sometimes i work long hours and I’ve ended up getting removed from them for inactivity :confused: I’m just looking for new friends to play online with on Warzone and Doubles specifically but I love all game modes!

I’m always up to play when i can, if anyone wants to shoot me a friend request and get started let me know and we can go into battle!

StyxphyMaster93 is my GT!

I specialize in Warzone always looking for friends to play

> 2533274814035151;2:
> add me… GTAG: HUAK HULK
> I specialize in Warzone always looking for friends to play

Added! im playing with someone now if you want to join next round!

I will be on in about an hour or 2. im a late night gamer

We have many great people who you could game with!!
Come check us out at ~> MG Eclipse <~
We are highly active and rarely go a night without a full fireteam…we have people from champ to silver…on the plus we also have great giveaways like xbox one elite controllers and even an Xbox One X giveaway in December!!! We also have small 40 -100 dollar tournaments every month and bigger ones worth several hundred dollars every 3 months…if it looks like something you wanna be apart of follow the link in our bio at MG Eclipse!

You can add me if you’d like! I’ll play doubles or team arena with you or whatever you want!

GT: Jerkwitz

If you need a spartan company You should at least chack mine out. I mostly play arena and occasionally firefight. x Nefarious Triumph.

We definitely need and want more people in Fighting Eagles DET B CO. Check out our page anyway though! We have a lot of mature players, Facebook, YouTube, we’re fun and laid back too! Thanks all!