Looking For New Members

Illegitimate Otters are looking for new members!

We are just three guys looking to get our SC active, our current ranks are SR 46, 31, and 30. We like to have a good time while playing the game, but we are also serious enough that we like winning more than losing. We don’t have a dedicated schedule for playtime, since we have normal lives and we don’t get paid to play Halo; because of this, we don’t always get to play throughout the week, but there is usually a day or two where we can all party up.

If you’re looking for group of laid back semi-serious guys to play with, we would be more than welcome to have you on board!

We only have three rules:

  • Have Fun (It’s a game) - Play Hard (We’re still competitive) - Build the Company (Show some discretion)

Um, you only have 2 members. Most people are looking towards to joining the bigger companies these days. And your members can join mine if you’d like :slight_smile: Up to you