Looking for new members for clan

Hey fellow gamers! Looking for people interested in joining a clan in halo, our clan is completely democratic, everyone gets an equal say in how every thing is ran and is treated equal among even our veteran members. We vote after every practice what game to play the next practice whether it be more halo or if you want to play other games such as gta online, battlefield 4, titanfall. If interested comment, message me here or on xbox live GT: SMG Shadowfax

if halo 4 i may be interested

Yeah we play halo 4 on the MCC, though we do play the other halos in our customs games, depends on what everyone wants to play

uk timezone?

Well what time is it for you now Pennance? I have a buddy who was in the clan that was from wales, it was like 1 in the morning for him though, so I’ll be understanding if you dont want to stay up all night to be in practice with us.