looking for new members and clans to battle

Hi I’m looking for people to join the clan Risen From The Ashes

If you are interested please message me on xbox live my gamer tag is Mechanizedbob I will get back to the message as soon as possible

we will be doing a lot of war games and if there is anything anyone needs help with like achievements or commendations message either me or F34R3D P4R4S1T3.

There is no level requirement or age limit anyone is welcome to join
will be a set color scheme and emblem when you hit the right level

members so far

Mechanizedbob leader

F34R3D P4R4S1T3 person to go to if I’m not online

HybridOuroboros (previously known as Dception)




GavinLundayy XD

DA NiiTe

clans wishing to battle us please either message myself or
F34R3D P4R4S1T3 we will get back to you we only do battles of 4-5 members at this time, game-types we play are CTF, KoTH and team infinity slayer, Odd ball and SWAT
look forward to either having you join our clan or taking your clan on

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My name is Goldenbudda21 and I am the residing Chairman of the Halo 4 clan, The Dark Order of the Sith. I come to you today seeking aid. We are a clan of more than 100 members but are on the brink of war. This war has estimated 7 or more clans and we ask you to come aid us and fight. Rewards include alliance with our clan which will ensure future battles between us and you for the fun of playing. If you are interested in a Halo 4 war of clans, contact us at our website: http://www.dark-sith-order.com/ We await your arrival.

Participation guarantees a new ally for your clan and a new clan to add to your clan battle reservoir.

Dark Order of the Sith

hello Mechanizedbob, i am fairly sure we have met, and would like to join, i shall message you and await a reply

sincerly - Dception

Sorry if you have come here looking to join our clan but as of now RISEN FROM THE ASHES (RFTA) has been disbanded