Looking for new Halo 4 players (Mic Please)

Hey guys,

I’m FlockenToast (Gamertag) and I have jsut got back into Halo, haven’t gotten to play since Reach came out and stopped for awhile (college). I’m looking for new friends to add since my last bunch seem to drop-off the face of the earth since Halo 3 (also looking for those with mics). Me and my friend, GrimOhio, like to play with players who like to joke around and -Yoink- alot with a slight competitive edge. We’re not afraid to speak to new people, just sucks because seems like no one talks on Halo no more. So if you want to join us, add us! See you guys around!

I’m in man. Send DeliciousDarren a request.

Hey Toast - come check out Outcast Reborn! We’re a very social group of gamers, all of which have and use their mics. We’ve been around since early in Halo 2, myself for four years, and we have at least a small party playing Halo 4 (or 3 when we’re feeling it) most ngihts. If you’re into BTB or larger parties - we accomodate that 3 nights a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Swing by and say hello - you’ll get a bunch of hellos in return. If you have any questions about who we are or if the clan scene is for you feel free to shoot me a message here on XBL or on our forums. Don’t let the idea of a “clan” dissuade you from applying, we are much more lax than the clans of old.

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l love to play halo not reach just h3 and h4 have been playing since halo 2 I have a mic and like communication and like to joke around and talk a little trash I’m very competitive but it’s still just a game to me im on almost every day I do have a job and a family so if you wanna play just let me know ahead of time I usually play at night my kd is around 2.0 and my 1st account is 1.63 I think, its my 1st account its a sr99 my new account im a sr28 not like that means anything my gt is ObiDave28 and I im tired of playing with people who dont know how to play halo and have no mic lets play some halo