Looking for new friends..

Hey all,
It’s been a while since I’ve wanted this, but I think I’m ready to go back to Halo as a series now. MCC and Halo 5 sort of made me part ways, and things like SMITE sort of took over that competitive void I had in my gaming heart. Well, it’s been 3 months since I stopped playing that game, and I’ve lost touch with a lot of my older friends from back in the day. Truth is, everyone on my friends list is playing either Fortnite or Smite, and I need that to change.

I just want to get back into Halo. I want to get into a group of people who are very competitive but also like to -Yoink- around from time to time, troll, whatever lol. Halo 5, Halo Wars 2, I want to get back into it all again. I get on everyday whether I’m switching between different games on Xbox trying to see what sticks, or hitting the old backlog on my PS4.
I was pretty damn good at Halo 3, tried to become pro on Reach, and plan on becoming a “pubstar” in whatever we end up partying up on.

If you feel like giving me a shot, or want to get to know me more, feel free to hit me up in the comments below, DM’s, or send me a message on Xbox.

GT: Gotham Rises

Oh boy do I have a company for you the Nubbstompers are chalk full of compatible and casual players who are always looking for new halo buddies to run with you should give us a look and if we seem like the group for you then send off that request and I will get back at you as soon as I can

Hey there, check out THE ARK COMMUNITY. We got a solid group of active members that use mics for chatting and call outs. Which helps make it less frustrating and actually fun (what a concept I know lol). Our Discord chat is a handy resource to help you find other members to party up with. Which is great for finding others to play with, since friends shouldn’t let friends play ranked solo :slight_smile: We also play other games in the Halo series like MCC to help keep things interesting.

If you’d like to join or have any questions, let me know or go to the company page (THE ARK COMMUNITY) to sign up now.