Looking for New Competitive Players

Are you tired of always going into matchmaking alone?
Tired of no one calling out, or communicating effectively?
Or do you just feel like you should belong to something bigger than just yourself?
Are you tired of these questions?

Well if you are tired of those questions then you should fit right in with the Known Outlaws. We are a clan that has been running for seven years over multiple games. We even span two consoles. For the Xbox side of things we currently support a Halo 4 and Gears of War 3 divisions.

To be honest we have some very skilled group of gamers in our Halo side of things. We are trying to build a few rosters to compete in tournaments and Game Battle competitions. Now is a good time to join because you can secure your spot and have a great position inside of that division. There is also opportunity to run your own team. Once we reach about 20 dedicated members in our Halo teams we cut the recruiting off and stop there so the players don’t feel like a “number” and more like a valued player in KO.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please add me:

KO Mach 787

or check out our website www.theknownoutlaws.com

Please keep in mind
You must be +16 years old
Have a Mic and be ready to use it.

The Known Outlaws know what it takes to be at the top# We have done live game battles and have been sponsored in the past# We have been gaming for 6 years, and are still going strong! KO will not disapear or disolve# We stand strong and battle hungry# Not competitive? No problem! We have gaming nights and forge fun, if you dont have a great KD no problem we look to the win in the match# If you have questions about KO or how to get on a team, or creating your own team within the clan feel free to ask# Hope to see you on the battlefield!


GT: KO Celestial

I’m intrested. Message me on xbox my gamertag is “histtory”

cool histtory we will have or div leader hit you up.

if your looking to find a group of awesome players this is where you want to be.

Great History! I just received your friend request and your message. I replied and hope to be gaming with you soon!

We are still looking for more gamers who want to join an awesome clan. Tonight is our KO Gaming night (Fridays at 9EST) Come and check us out

I’m interested in this, looking for a group like this since being on a 4v4 MLG team is far to stressful. I have a lot of Halo experience, been playing since CE when I was 11, and I’ve been to a handful of MLG tournaments with mixed results.

My GT is A Wild Jmacz, I’m on very often.

Jmacz! I sent you a message on XBL. Hope you game with you soon.

I’m Interested

I’m looking to get on a good team for ctf. You guys have one of those?

I was liking your site and everything you said… But… i will not change my GT is that a requirement?

Eh, I might be interested. My GT is my user name.

Im intrested, add me.

As to the Questions about the GT change, yes that is a requirement or you must have an account with KO … in front of the name.

I will be adding those you have expressed interests. Glad to see some people stepping up!