Looking for more mature players for Halo MCC Clan

So you may have seen my post last week, where i raged about clans dying in 2 weeks and all of that nonsense. With that post, the heat it created, and the people who sent me messages, we were able to create Comrade Gaming.
In one weeks time, we at CG have created our YouTube channel, a website with an active forum and 23 members signed up, had a member create a logo, made a few YouTube montages, filled up parties every single night, and have gotten to know each-other very well.

I am here looking for more players who want to have fun playing MCC, not MLG pros, not 12 year olds. Players who want to play matchmaking, do campaign challenges, make some montages, play mini-games and fun customs, and maybe talk a little -Yoink- to each-other along the way. We are looking for people who really want to be a part of this, and help us build something special.

All members on the site start as a Recruit. Being promoted is pretty simple. here are our rules:
Dont be a -Yoink-
Use the forums
Play the game

Anyone wanting to achieve a rank beyond member are considered to do something above and beyond
making sigs
making videos
helping others
being extremely active

Along with our ranks we also have some “Trophies” we give out. These trophies stay by your name on our forum and are there to show accomplishments you have achieved in the clan. these include things like sig making, being in videos, and forum posts
We are not a clan centered around skill. We are a clan centered around having an awesome time, meeting new people, and getting better at halo together.

(We do plan to add Halo 5 and SW Battlefront to our played games)

If you are interested register on the site, click the recruitment tab, fill out the quick 8 question app, and add me on Xbone


If any of you are interested, we will be holding a Free For All tournament this sunday, please check out comradegaming.enjin.com for more info or message me on XBL @SUPMACBROMAN