Looking for more active members

If you’re in need for a company that works as a team whether it be arena or warzone, then the Promethean Knightslayers is for you. We our a small, fun, and casual company that play practically anything together. Even though we may be a small company, we are indeed active and like any other company,we are also working for Achilles as well. The size of this company will only change on your choice to join this company. Positions for Lieutenants are open just show what you have to offer.

We’re looking for skilled, 16+ age in whatever mode that you enjoy playing yourself or with a group. If you’re looking to join then send an application and please make it original or you can message me and show me how good you are by playing a few variety of games.

Rules as a member:

  • Be respectful
  • Remain active within the company
  • Have fun hanging out with everyone else

For those wanting Achilles, there’s no grinding of any sort. Just play and do your best. If you need to message me, do so on waypoint or through xbox messaging and I will get back to you when I can.

Till then, I look forward fighting beside you all,