Looking for military clan

I’m new to halo 5 but I played a lot of reach and I was with a military clan then so now I’m looking to join another one message me on xbox

Msg me on xbox my gt is The 99th Trial

message me on xbox: UFG Mystogan

We aren’t a military clan, but our leader is military if that works for you. Message me on xbox live and I’ll get you set up. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/grunt%20work%20gaming

Hello Spection101. I’m a member of Epsilon Fleet, a Halo 5 militarized clan that is on its way to the top. We have a distinct vision for our clan and a unique organization that helps us win. The Fleet’s members really make it what it is; our leaders are experienced, active, and are very easy to work with. The rest of our members are all loyal and willing to put a lot into the clan. Our battle record is top notch. The Fleet has an 80% clan battle/raid victory percentage against the likes of Navcom’s Spartan IIs (who collapsed) and the Sith Lords (who have also collapsed I believe).

If this sounds like what you’re looking for you can apply right now at epsilonfleet.com, or if you want, we can play a few matches and I can introduce you to members.