Looking for Members

Started a company back when the game came out but haven’t really done much with it: Sonic Death Monkeys So now looking for some active players to join in the hunt for armor. I can play whatever. I bounce between Warzone assault, Big team, Swat and regular Warzone, but with team players enjoy anything will even do custom games. I’m generally on between 9 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. Central time.

Bit about me, I’ve played Halo since the original on Xbox. So I’m an older gamer but as long as your somewhat mature I’ll play with anyone.Trying to get into shape so my first hour of play every night is generally on an exercise bike. My skill level drops slightly during that time. But hey I’m gaming at 20 mph and getting better at it as I get more practice. So if you do anything like this while playing glad to have you.

So send me a request or post here and we can get to killing for some gear. If I don’t hear from anyone guess I’ll close shop and try to find a company that’s recruiting.