Looking for members for the Pillar of Autumn C7O9

//Opening transmission...\\

//Pillar of Autumn C7O9\\

The Pillar of Autumn is a growing clan on Halo 5.

If you are interested, here is a list of a few things we as a clan expect the new individuals to have before joining the Pillar of Autumn C7O9.







If you have all of these traits, we will be more the glad to bring you in and get you started on your recruit days. Here are a list of things of what you should expect from us upon joining the Pillar of Autumn C7O9.








-Mini-game nights

Here are some requirements:

-Age of 14+ (No exceptions)

-Halo 5 Guardians

-Able to follow orders without asking questions -

A working Mic (No exceptions)

-Willingness to change emblem,armour and service tag If you are interested in joining Pillar of Autumn