Looking for members for a Warzone assault company

Looking for members, we are welcome to accepting pretty much anyone as we are looking to cater to everyone’s preferences i.e. providing facilities to allow people to join up with like-minded individuals who want to play the same game mode. Thus leading to new friendships and fireteams that can ascend the league tables and bring glory to our company name. Primarily though, due to our current member roster, we areseeking members who would enjoy teaming up to conquer the Warzone Assault playlist. There are no rock-solid requirements for enlistment - there’s a 99% chance we’ll enlist you just to get the member numbers up and gain a little bit of recognition in the H5 community - however we do have some preferences:

  • Our current member list is based solely in the UK so we are would prefer spartans who could play mainly between the hours of 5-11pm GMT (1-7pm EST) on weekdays and near all hours on weekends.
  • As mentioned above we are currently looking for spartans interested in playing the Warzone Assault playlist as well as SWAT and Capture the Flag on occasion.
  • We would prefer at least basic experience with the game and it’s new mechanics i.e. SR 10 and above, however newcomers are more than welcome as we are willing to help you get to grips and become a freaky deaky massacre machine.
  • Lastly, communication. A mic would be more than helpful as this would drastically improve communications between fireteam members in game as well as organising additional games in the future. Also, an active prescence on the Halo Waypoint website to help recruit more new members would be greatly appreciated.

OK, if you’re still reading up to this point I take it you’re at least mildly interested in joining our company. So…I should probably tell you how. First, either click on my profile or search in the companies database for the “Uprising” community (no fancy “xX__Xx” crap, we’re not toddlers) and request an invite. If needs be you can message me for any enquiries. Hope to see you on the battlefield spartan.