Looking for MCC Clan

I am very well skilled and looking for any type of clan: military, competitive, social, etc. I, in return ask for clans that don’t require change of gamertags, I only accept large clans. Gamertag is username and currently battling my way to a 2.0kd pretty close so far

Welcome to ONI, apply we’ll send you an invite we will hit matchmaking right away.

Flames378 looking for a clan or some people to play competitive play prefered halo 4 and 3 … 2 is fine as well

Hey all! You should definitely check Forerunner Conflict out! We’re a Halo war-sim like community boasting 150+ members with over 8 years of constant service. You can check us out at http://fcwars.net

If you need some more info first, feel free to PM me!