Looking for Lore based Spartan Company

Hey guys! I recently left my current Spartan Company and I’m looking to join another!

I’m really looking for a Spartan Company that is lore based. I’m 30 and have been playing Halo since CE. If anyone is looking to add to their Spartan Company, please let me know. Thanks!

am not quite sure what you put into lore based, but am part a unsc military clan where ranks and units are based off the lore, for some of the units you have to use a canon gamer tag.

Like we have Marines, this is the entry level unit, then there is the ODST more in-game skill is required, more focus on discipline, gamer tag change is optional to a canon odst name, then we have a Spartan IV unit, everything is even harder, gamer tag is mandatory and Lastly there is a Spartan II unit , this is competitive focused so in-game skill is higher, gamer tag change is mandatory.

all units have a boot camp or Conscription before you are a full member, the Marines is the shortest having a 3-day boot camp and the Spartan II is close to 3 months. the spartan II is invited only as well so there is no way to apply to join it.

other than that we have a forum/website, a discord server ( both mandatory to use ) a good community that is interested in halo lore, and active in-game as well.

if this sounds interesting , fell free to message me any questions you might have her , on xbox or on discord where my name is MeetMareli#5063 or just had to the website and apply to join/http://unscinfinity.enjin.com/