Looking for likeminded people to reach 152

I’m looking for a group of likeminded people who are working towards reaching rank 152.

My timezone is BST (UK Timezone) so finding a group in that timezone would be preferable but by no means a requirement, I just want to play with chilled out likeminded people to make the journey to 152 feel shorter and more fun rather than just a constant grind.

I don’t mind which modes I play and I will always play to win but don’t mind losing as it is just part of the game.

The roles I tend to play depend on the situation, can play both offensively and defensively but can also provide a more support role if needed. Basically I’m just a jack of all trades kind of player.

My current rank is 146 with less than 300k xp until 147.

I look forward to seeing the replies!

Hey, I’m rather low in the board at 59, but I’m really trying to get up there if I can before Infinite. MCC will have my attention when the new season hits but I’ve already banked 33 points for it, so shouldn’t be a long grind.