Looking For Legendary Campaign Partners!

Hello, my gamertag is: Nappydugout

Looking to make some Halo friends to complete Halo 4 campaign

Started playing and have completed up to mission 3, however I am willing to start from the beginning. I also have a mic, but it is optional for all others. The more the merrier.

Just doing some achievement hunting! Feel free to add!

I am on mission 7 but I will backtrack to 3 because I am missing 4.

Invite sent!

I’m not on at the moment, I sent you a f/r via xbox.com I should be back on within an hour or so

I’ll play too, GT is the same as my username, and that’s a zero not an “o”

I’ll add you as well

i can play to if you want, I’m on mission 3 aswell :slight_smile:

add both of us

Online now and looking to play if anyone is as well.

Also looking to play new Spartan Ops Chapters co-op if anyone is interested!

Hey guys, I moved this to the recruiting sections since its more suited here. Continue discussions :slight_smile:

Does anyone want to play Spartan Ops on legendary??


Campaign, Spartan Ops, happy to team on any chapter or mission on Legendary.

War Games, team play, communicates and happy supporting in any role.

Formerly 42-45 in Halo 3 Rumble Pit and Team Slayer

Currently SR 30


i finished legendary solo on my first playthrough, but i’m happy to help others (and i need the heroic-or-higher-coop achievement anyway). also add me for SpOps sessions.
(no mic)

Need to complete legendary co-op
also complete spartan ops on legendary co-op for raider skin

ive beaten legendary solo, but i would definately like to do some co-op, and also if anyone wants to help me with the bros to the close cheevo

Add me.

Add me. Gamertag SniperPrime

Add me.
I’m looking to get through all of the campaign and spartan ops on legendary.