Looking for Leaders

Hey everybody! My Company cthulhu dismay is looking for members with strong leadership traits to fill Lieutenant positions. We don’t have a ton of requirements, here are the basics for Officers:

Age: 17+
Rank: SR>30
Country/Language: Must have good connection to host and speak fluent English
Time: At least two games per week

Myself as well as my brother are U.S. military, so the Company is run similar to our lives in the Armed Forces. We highly stress the Chain of Command. We use an actual Company Layout, meaning in our Company, we have two Platoons, each with four Squads, each Squad consisting of two Fireteams. All Squad and Platoon Leaders will be Lieutenants. We are about to expand to Bravo Platoon, so we need a Platoon leader, Squad leader, and two Fireteam leaders right off the bat. However, we can’t just have a ton of leaders with no Spartans to lead, so here is the offer.

Join us, message HomicidalSoup42 saying you are interested in the Lieutenant position of either a Squad Leader or a Platoon Leader. From there, you will be asked a few questions and the answers will be evaluated. After you answer the questions, go and recruit at least 2 people. Once all this is completed, you will be eligible for promotion (which you’ll most likely get)

This is a limited time deal, as we are just looking to grow and work towards commendations, then eventually going competitive. All are welcome! Hope to see some new recruits!

-Homicide // Commander, Cthulhu Dismay