Looking for leaders and members for our mcc and infinite clan

Hey good morning everyone! My name is Mastert183 and I’m the leader of a multi gaming clan called AgnusDei. We actually got our start on halo reach back in the day and we would love to see our halo side revamped to the way it was back then. I’m currently looking for people who can come in and help the halo side succeed. I need leaders for both infinite and mcc since we’re looking to have 2 separate divisions. The leaders consist of a Master SGT a gunnery SGT a staff SGT and a team of sgts. These members would be in charge of running the halo side including custom events holding meetings increasing member activity and growth and of course throwing ideas out like give aways and encouraging them to grow within the clan too. We use discord for most of our communications if you’re interested please send me a message on discord Mastert183#7145 I hope to talk to you all soon!