Looking for LATAM members for "Cerca Trova"

Hi, I’m currently in a SC called Cerca Trova, were we play Arena all the time. We are currently 17 members, but we have already achieved 21% of “kill Comendations.” I know that we’ll get eventually the “Achilles Armor Set” but we need more good teammates to do that. We won’t ask you to change your GT, or have a specific emblem or armor, we just want you to have fun and play with us.

We are looking for:
-Reliable teammates
-We speak in Spanish, but don’t worry for that, many of us also can speak in English and play in a competitive manner
-Any level or skill calcification works for us, but be active as we would like to know our teammates (communication is better in smaller companies).

We’ll like to accept new memebers, and if you have any question send a message to me or Warriorcraft16

“Nos veremos en el campo de batalla Spartan, la lucha aún no termina”