Looking For Lasting Members

We are a tight group looking to fill our final @15 spots as we finish off the Achiles grind. Most if not all of the members we have now are staying after we get the Achiles helmet. We are at 92% kill completion, we’ve done the work. Our company bio below has the details, including a link to our Firefight based company if that’s your thing. We do ask that all members join either our Discord or LINE groups. Like the header says, we are looking for lasting members who want more of the fam feel, than the must do this, must do that grind that Spartan Companies can feel like. If you can put in 75 matches a week your getting a free ride to the Achiles helmet as well. We do prefer that you have the required matches per week all ready demonstrated in your history. Thank You and we look forward to hearing from some active Spartans.
Warzone Elite

<em>*** Warzone Elite ***</em>
<em>** We have the Achiles Armor **</em>

Active Halo Spartan Company. We are a Warzone first based company with a very social approach. We started with 2 members at the launch of Halo 5 and are now a strong company moving forward into other Halo next gen titles. We started a second company “Firefight Elite” to help expand our social numbers and welcome Spartans newer to the Halo community. We are a very social Company with an active LINE chat app forum. We run in Company tournaments as well as customs nights for our Forgers and outside Guild members. We don’t just play Halo, we have members active in Destiny, CoD, Overwatch, Doom, and many other titles. We have a very wide age group range (14-40+) and have members in US, Canada, UK, EU, and AU. Skill level isn’t as important to us as staying active and staying social. We have our Lone Wolves but they stay in touch and keep up on Company events/updates. We check activity weekly and send out warranted activity warnings. We are very close to the Helmet so we are being a little picky on who let in. You’ll see a listing of minimum requirements to join our Company at the end of this post. Thank You for your interest in the Warzone Elite family and good hunting Spartan.
<em>Minimum 75 non-custom/firefight matches per week, any play list</em>
<em>Discord or LINE account</em>
<em>Mature approach to in game communication</em>
<em>Ability to play with in a team structure</em>
<em>Ability to target specific commendation medals</em>

WZE Yoda - Founder/Leader
WZEObiWanKenobi - Co-Founder
AngelxSanity - Activity Controls
BlueRage05 - LINE leader
Fresh Chewbacca - Discord leader
DragonSlayer818 - Firefight Elite Ambassador Firefight Elite
Kill Masteries as of 8/14/16 11:43 PST
The sum is greater than the parts
In Progress
Complete all 5 levels of the kill commendations
1 Requisition Pack
All together now
Complete the first 3 levels of all the kill commendations
1 Requisition Pack
Kill Commendations
Sting like a bee
Level 5/5
Kill an enemy Spartan with melee
Reward: 1000 XP and 1 Requisition Pack
So cuddly
Level 5/5
Assassinate enemy Spartans
Reward: 1000 XP and 1 Requisition Pack
Standard Issue
Level 5/5
Kill an enemy Spartan with a standard weapon
Reward: 1000 XP and 1 Requisition Pack
The Pain Train
Level 5/5
Kill an enemy Spartan with shoulder bash
Reward: 1000 XP and 1 Requisition Pack
First Strike
Level 5/5
Earn the First Kill of a Match
Reward: 1000 XP and 1 Requisition Pack
Level 5/5
Earn the Cluster Luck, Last Shot, Sayonara, or Fastball medal
Reward: 1000 XP and 1 Requisition Pack
Too fast for you
Level 5/5
Kill an opponent that shot you first
Reward: 1000 XP and 1 Requisition Pack
Something on your face
Level 5/5
Kill an enemy Spartan with a headshot
Reward: 1000 XP and 1 Requisition Pack
Look ma no pin
Level 5/5
Kill an enemy Spartan with any grenade
Reward: 1000 XP and 1 Requisition Pack

Let’s get that helmet!!

I use to play here. Great leaders just had a misunderstanding. Get in while you can these leaders are real leaders they are very helpful and chill. Have good day Yoda!

Good looking Defame, TY

Happy to be part of the team! I’ve got a couple of friends that I know could help out the group; I’ll send them your way, Yoda. Let’s stay focused and get this thing done!

Wanna play with some try hards ? We got those
Wanna play casual ? We got that
Wanna get the helmet ? We getting there
And if you think your good, we got in company competition on who ranks #1 (me)

Applicants please be patient, it can be a 24hr process. If you are low SR you will probably get an invite to Firefight Elite. My big activity days are Wed and Thur so some req’s to join may get put on ice till then depending on how busy other leadership is. We are not getting helmet this week so hang in there if you really are interested in joining us and we’ll get to you. We review all applicants. Please at least type a lil message telling us about yourself and play habits, we ignore “…my aim is true…” (even if its in another language its better than stock message, we have translators for Spanish,Dutch, and a bunch of others too lol.

Great leadership in this company. Everyone has been on their grind too. We’ll get the helmet in no time.

Can’t wait to see all our hard work pay off, and meet new people along the way.

Yes we’re so close and would love to have new recruits to stay to have fun and be the strong community that we are! :smiley:

> 2533274799563786;4:
> Good looking Defame, TY

No need man you guys are awesome guys I always hoped to come back but had medical issues at time. If they are offering spots and you don’t have it this is a company you must join before miss out . Simple :slight_smile:

love my team just were losers and play 24/7 lol

Situations like yours are why finally had to tighten things up. Live and learn lol.

I’m a cat

I have enjoyed my time with this company. Now let’s get this helmet!!

Way cooler if you would have said it in Dutch lol.

Best company around- cool guys, no drama.

Best company i’ve been in, it’s like family

That’s Australia checking in, love it. I’m at work for next 8hrs, if your waiting to hear from me. TY for your patience.

BOI, this clan feels like a family I never had <3

Welcome to our 2 newest members, teetermancan and Ghost I0