Looking for Laso players

Looking to run all 4 Halo games on LASO, I am a decent player, but I’m having trouble running the LASO.

To say that I’m also having trouble with running LASO solo is an understatement. If we can arrange the time, I’ll run them with you. GT same as name.

I’m good whenever, same for me GT same as ID

Dude it’s impossible, only h4 and 3 are do-able.

I’m down for it. GT is UallasDrgn

Add me if I am needed.

Im good at laso, i know some strats GT: o siash o

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> Dude it’s impossible, only h4 and 3 are do-able.

Maybe for you.

Got CE and 4 finished. I’m going to start two this week at some point.

ARGH my internet connection is horrible. Otherwise I’d be happy to help, been looking for a LASO group myself.

I need some help on all 4 GT is AK7fold I’m a decent player

Add me if you want to play through them all. Just send a message so I know that is why i was added.

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Add my GT ceruberus87. We have nightly stream and a follow that can help out as well. We stream nightly on twitch at 9 pm pst http://www.twitch.tv/project_cerberus