Looking for laid back competitive clan

I am looking for a new clan to join. My ideal clan has a decent amount of members but not so many members that it is hard to keep track of whos who. I like to know almost every member of the clan and have a close knit relationship with my fellow gamers.

I enjoy playing competitively but sportsmanship always comes first. I am pretty good at Halo and have been playing since Combat Evolved. I am 19 years old and in college. Like I said I do like playing competitively but I need a clan that will not mind by busy schedule. I will be able to play around 10-20 hours a week.

If you think your clan fits me then please let me know!


Hey, I’m from a clan called Outcast Reborn (OcR for short). We a mature (18+), friendly and competitive community. We have around 40ish active members and its a very tight knit community where everyone knows everyone.

Sportsmanship is also very important to OcR and we have a competitive Halo team that competes on gamebattles and against other clans and community’s. We also don’t have a strict activity requirement. We like our members to be active, but we don’t have any mandatory practice times that need to be met.

Overall based on what you are looking for I think OcR would be a great fit for you. You can check out our website at, http://www.outcastreborn.com/. I’ll also send you a friend request and hopefully we can play some games sometime soon and you can see if OcR is something you might be interested in joining.

Thanks for your time if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask,


I am also fishing around for a team/clan, but I am uncertain about where to go.

Though I have been playing Halo since early 2003, I am merely a solitary campaign gamer, and I have very little multiplayer experience.

Like many gamers, I am a working, independent adult who tries to play as consistently as circumstances allow.

I am 26, and I wouldn’t mind joining a somewhat casual, semi-competitive clan of people in my age range.

As my stats demonstrate, my overall proficiency is lacking, and my few accomplishments are restricted to a mere 2 playlists.

I want to change that. If anyone is willing, I will be online for the next two nights, and if you accept, I will do my best to make it worthwhile.

Here is my Gamer Tag: Marag Suun