Looking for help with Machinima

My friends and I are trying to make a Halo: Fall of Reach machinima following the book of the same name. We all are going to take our time on it. Got 343thesentient helping us with ship battle stuff. He recommended 3 CGI guys. This is a mock trailer I put together for it, but I would vastly appreciate any help from anyone willing. Voice actors and just down to earth helpful advice is what I need at this point. Have a lot of body actors, and a lot of people who are willing to play out scenes. Just need some people with the right minds who want to see a beautiful story take hold in the right way. I want to make this great, and am going to take the time to make it as near perfect as I can.


There’s the mock trailer for it. Contact that channel in a PM If you want to get into contact on Skype or gmail. I am a bit wary of posting things like that on here.

Xboxlive gamertag: John_117_Sii

Thank you all for your time. All roles are currently open and voice casting ends at the end of March.

I’d be very happy to provide some voice acting if you need it. I have a male, clear baritone level of voice. I’m a huge fan of Fall of Reach (it’s in an exclusive group of novels I can pick up and read any point in the book and be captivated by it) so to take part in this’d be a lot of fun for me.

John 117 SII is an ambitious fellow and will tackle any project like this with his full dedication. When I heard he was making a machinima, I was doubtless of its success. Anyone who wants to be in on something amazing, join this project.

Add me on live. My gamertag is the same as it is here on the forums, and I’d be glad to do some body acting. (I can also help with forging, and maybe give some advice, too.) Don’t worry, I’m not one of those that horse around while helping out with one of these,

i would love to help i loved the fall of reach book

Umm what are the characters