Looking for Halo5 clan or group of guys

looking for a group of players to play halo 5 .

You should join a Spartan company. It’s basically a clan of fellow Spartan friends. There’s a different page for recruiting and joining check there.

My company is recuriting - no requirements, very casual. Message me if you’re interested!


I know the feeling all too well friend. I joined my current clan, Aegis Military Corporation, around 2 weeks ago and Ive been playing nightly everyday since then. We do both Arena and Warzone with full lobbies on a nightly basis as well as games against other clans and custom games. No requirements other than domt disappear without telling us. We might miss you :wink:

If you want to kmow more, or want to join, feel free to message me here, my Waypoint inbox or on Xbox live (Same GT). We have inductions every wednesday daily if required. Hopefully we might see you there.


Yo hit me up I’m down to party up to game. I’m online right now… gtag: HUAK HULK

we in Epsilon Fleet is always looking for more players to join the ranks , i will give you som points on why we are a great clan

Why you should join Epsilon Fleet:

  1. Members: We have some of the finest and most mature members in the Halo community in our clan. And we are a CLAN, not just a Spartan Company.
  2. Organization: The Fleet is split up into 3 branches: ONI, NavSecWar, and the Marines. ONI handles logistics and the website. They make videos for the clan as well. NavSpecWar is where many of the specialized jobs are, like forgers, the Spartans, etc. The Marines are the main infantry force. No matter what, there’s a place just for you.
  3. Website: Our website allows us to keep track of and care for every single member. It also allows us to let everyone have a voice in the clan, and choose the role they play. For example, before a clan battle there is a thread made specifically for signing up. If you don’t want to participate in it, you don’t sign up. We have enough raids and clan battles so that pretty much everyone gets their fill.
  4. Ranks: Here in the Fleet, we have a unique ranking structure where everyone is rewarded for doing a good job, and aren’t rewarded for running your competition out of the clan. Everyone is given points for doing certain things, like attending a training or being in a clan battle. To be in a position of power you have to actively contribute.
  5. Experience: Most of the new members who join us have previous clan experience, which really helps things run smoothly but if you haven’t been in a group like us before, we’ll still make you feel right at home. All of our leaders have at least a month or two of experience in our clan, and the highest have been running Halo clans for years.
  6. Squads: Using small 4, 6,8 or 12 man teams helps members to really get to know each other, and insures that ,again, every person has a voice in clan affairs and is taken care of. We have European squads and North American squads to help people coordinate time zones. Squads significantly help with coordination and number of victories.
  7. Casual meets Competetive: Are you casual? Are you competitive? Don’t answer that, it was a rhetorical question. In EF, you can join a squad that fits your timezone, schedule, and how competitive you want to be. We have an even mix of casual and competitive, and our Spartans are (hopefully) going to go pro soon.
    Finally, look at our competition. Look at the other clans in the recruiting section of the forums. Are they specific? Do they say anything other than “we win, join us?” Almost every one is formulaic, and posted by their clan leader just because they want more members. This is more than that. Personally, I’ve been in a vast array of different clans, on different games and such, and not one has equaled Epsilon Fleet.
    If you’re interested, message me (FlamingBaconMK), DarthBaum, or go to EpsilonFleet.com