Looking for Halo: Reach Clan

Looking for a decent clan to play Halo: Reach only.
I’m a decent player, even though I have a low rank(Made new account). I play a lot of Living Dead, BTB, Arena, and Grifball.
Msg me on XBOX if you want me.

Sent you a message on Live!

Hi I’m from the The Unstoppable Army and we’re building a halo reach division ready for halo 4. We’ve just started this so most of their isn’t that many of us at very high levels.

Check us out. http://tuaclan.com/forums/forum.php

I would advise join the UNSC Marine Corps. We’re a rather new clan, but most of our members have experience running clans in the past. We do not care what Spartan armor you wear. That’s up to you. We do have a clan emblem though. So if your interested in a more mature clan, I would advise this one

Website: http://unscmc.forumotion.com/

Come join The Forerunner Guard, we have been around for almost a month and we are doing great! We are a mature community and we like to have fun, but we’re also competitive. We are organized, and should definetly join us if you’re good at matchmaking, forge, or making machinimas because we have divisions for those.

Here’s a link to our website: http://forerunnerguard.forumotion.com/

Feel free to give Midland Base a look:

We have a GGL registered Grifball team as well: http://www.midlandbellwether.com

In about a minute and a half we win an entire match:


Sorry guys, he’s already in my clan. xD