Looking for Halo friends

I’ve decided to give up on the idea on becoming part of a clan for halo, I’m not looking to call anyone out but I feel the way I used to remember clans back in the day has past (people just wanting to play without ill intentions or going over the top with their immaturity towards other members.

If you’re 16+ have a mic and happy to play ranked, social, warzone or customs gimme a shout. I’m in a clan for other games so before anyone believes they can sway me to join please avoid wasting your time. Just know that the games I play the most it halo 5 and eventually halo wars 2 too.

Anyway if you’re interested in having another friend on your list for halo add my gamertag or message me and i’ll add you.

Have fun gaming.

ill shoot you over a request. 28yo been playin from the first Halo: CE back when the X Box was litterally just a box with a giant green circle and a x on the top. lol. I rarely use my microphone now because of all the players that talk way too much trash and the team members that simply don;t have anything relevent to say. I;m usually for team communication. Unfortunately, I noticed it don;t happen like that no more. But it would be nice to find a reason to dust the headset off. So that being said, I;m with him. Any chill people wanna play games and shoot the crap? Hit me up sometime. I only play Halo 4 and Reach really. Sometimes ODST. then I usually have Skyrim as my vacation spot. But Halo is totally my career, lol. I;m too unreliable for Halo 5. I have to go to a friends and I simply don;t see them often enough.

Would love more people to play with. I’ll add you when I get on.

I will add you… always good to add active players