looking for halo 5 youtubers

hi my names Komar and my YouTube is gamingkomar with 36k subscribers and I’m looking for some youtubers to join me. I will promote you and help you grow your channel. just post here or send me a message if you’re interested. also i have 1230 boss takedowns in warzone with 138 being legendary and 1092 standard how many does every one else have?

Not sure if they’ll like me giving away their YouTube channel away like this but you should definitely check out Proximitty and LukeTheNotable

I’m interested in participating. My channel is almost completely based on Halo multiplayer content and I have been recently posting Halo 5 content both with and without commentary. And wow, that is a lot of boss takedowns! I have 499 boss takedowns with 127 of them being legendary.

I am not that popular but I like to post some Halo content from time to time. My Youtube channel is Spazz Gamez. If you do decide to promote me, Thank you!