Looking for Halo 5 Team in SOcal

There will be a halo 5 tournament at esports arena and Im looking for a team to compete with. I am and will be putting some serious team into halo. Gt:jbpandaturtle

UK NUMBER ONE REBORN is looking for players. We’d love for more mature gamers in our company to actually reminisce about old Halo games when they were in their peak whilst Halo 5 is going into it’s own. We aren’t necessarily competitive. Sadly most of us are busy. BUT most of us can find time. And we will definitely be playing A LOT of customs in December when Forge is released.

Hey I am starting an Aussie Spartan Company and want competitive/casual players to do arena/warzone as a group.
Spartan Company: Aussie Slayer Pros
Leader: Lambo Dude 711.
Please request to join as you will likely be accepted.
P.s You don’t have to be Aussie