Looking For Halo 5 Info

Hey, just wondering about when will forge come out/how will forge be for the new Halo? And any other exciting news would be appreciated as well.

Halo Forge Will release in December (not sure of the exact date) as its implyed they want the best possible release.
Detail can be found on the site in the news section with official inks:
Blog (source)

> Forging Ahead
> This week, Josh Holmes and Lead Designer Tom French gave you a sneak peek at Halo 5’s brand new Forge mode, which has been truly ripped apart and built from scratch to allow you to build faster and easier. Watching the Forge feature set come together has been quite special – the team pored over years and years of community feedback to re-think Forge – the tools, the controls, the objects, lighting, colors, surfaces, terrain, selecting, grouping, and so much more. The true test of these efforts, though, was when we brought in some of the world’s finest Forgers, a select few from our Community Cartographer group. These five gentlemen (The Fated Fire, Psychoduck, Nokyard, Ducain23, and Warholic) were the first people outside of 343 walls to get hands-on with the new Forge and give us their uncensored feedback. Getting used to the new controls took a day or so, but you can hear some of their thoughts (and see early look at some of their creations, as well as new Forge tools) right here. It was a blast having these guys join us for a full week - building late into the night day after day, and providing real-time feedback, which resulted in our dev team making code changes and kicking off new nightly builds that incorporated the updates. Their feedback on all aspects of the new Forge will ultimately help us deliver an even better Forge in December, and we’re also looking forward to your feedback that’ll shape the future of Forge updates and improvements post-launch.
> I personally wanted to see some more of what’s on the way in the new Forge, so this week, I grabbed some time from the legendary Tom French and producer Mike Byron, who showed us a closer look at some of the new features.
> Take a look below, and click on each of the links to view the full-size GIF⤵.
> Colors
> With over 100 colors, up to three color locations on most objects, and level reference colors, you have complete control over how you want your map to look.
> FX
> With fire, smoke, sparks, and more, you can add personality and storytelling to any map.
> Grouping
> Grouping objects allows you to work with collections of objects faster and easier than ever. Build it, group it, dupe it, and then you have two or more!
> Magnets
> Revised magnets give a live preview of what they will snap with when the object is released, creating a fluid experience with them. Magnet selection can even be influenced by targeting them. Cartographer tested, cartographer approved.
> Projected terrain
> So magical we don’t even know how it works (it just does)! Seamlessly blend terrain, rolling hills, and sweet jumps into the canvas or use them to build your own floating level above the ground.
> - B is for Bravo

ok thank you

any other exciting new things? Like anything new or old that is coming?

Most of the latest Halo 5 news is available over in the Guardians forum, just check out the most active topics and the sticky threads. You can also check out the blog posts that 343 posts every day or so on the home page
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You can add weather effects and other cool map details.They released some images of the same map with some differences added to them that I put together in a gif. CHECK IT OUT

alright yeah ill check everything out, thank you