Looking for Halo 5 comptitive team!

Ive been looking for a comp team everywhere mostly on twitter but i finally had the bright idea to do it this way i need a team that’s serieous and a not complete bs im 17 i have a youtube channel with 175 subs and my GT is daddynoah98 if anyone knows a team that’s looking for player please let me know on xbox or my twitter: @MilTown_Nation

Oh god the Spartan Companies on here are gonna love you lol. Lube up your inbox, it’s about to be flooded by people asking you to fight for honor and glory lol.

if you are Australian, my friend and I would be more than happy to team with you. Assuming your diamond or onyx.

I’m going to be completely honest with you. I can be competitive sometimes, but not always. What I mean by that is I only ever get competitive when I play ranked playlists. When I play stuff like Fiesta, I just try to have fun. My highest rank so far has been Onyx, but I believe that I can get higher than that with a good team.