Looking For Halo 5 Company

Mainly just looking for people to play with on Halo 5 since all my other friends are from Destiny and Battlefield lol.I don’t really have any high standards other than I don’t get along with squeakers since they give me headaches(no offence meant to you guys though). And I like having fun, I just don’t like losing, so I’d at least like a team that at least tries a little bit to win games.I’m not really a competitive Halo player anymore(stopped playing serious competitive after Halo 3), but I’m still quite capable if you want me to play for your competitive team. However nowadays I’m into the casual Warzone. My kills per game is at around 33 and my best streak as of now is 27(untouchable).I’m quite active right now till I get a new job so I’ll be on quite often and most of the day. I try to livestream on my Twitch when possible as well.Send me a message on Xbox One if you wanna recruit me and we can talk. I do have a mic. My gamertag is Z Lynx II(Z Lynx ii). Thanks guys :smiley:

Fireteam Omega Elite. Look us up. We are a fairly new company that needs manpower. Once I get more people we will dart being more organized. PM me if you have any questions.