Looking for Halo 4 Military-Based Clan

Hello! My name is Big Al 1300 and I am looking for a military-based clan on Halo 4. I am 19 years old and my time zone is Central (U.S. and Canada). I am apart of a community called UFA Gaming, but I want a military experience on Halo 4. I was a co-leader of the UFA when it was military-based, but since we have swapped to be a community clan I miss the military style of Halo 4. Allow me to tell you about myself.

Previous clans: Death on Wheels Clan (Leader; Community), United Colonies Federation (Page, which was the equivalent of a General-in-training; Military - Disbanded), United Forces of Armageddon (Co-Leader; Military - now community and leaving Halo 4).

Experience: My job in the UCF and UFA was to train snipers. I was also one of the most loyal members in the UCF. I have been involved with military-based clans since March 4th, 2014.

Strengths: Sniping (obviously) and long-range combat. I move tactically around a map and can eliminate most enemy snipers with ease. I have all three Halo 4 snipers mastered. I have over 4000 kills with the UNSC sniper alone. For those of you that care, you can see my sniping ability on my file share. I listen to all orders and execute them to the best of my abilities. I am also good at gathering reconnaissance in the field of battle.

Weaknesses: Close quarters combat. I am decent at mid-range but I will lose a lot of gun fights at close range. Melee-ing isn’t a strong suit for me.

What I’m Looking For: I am looking for a highly structured military-based clan that takes the game seriously, but still realizes that it is just a video game. I am looking for a clan that is active and trains in both matchmaking and custom games, and holds large meetings in custom built meeting halls. I am willing to change anything on my Spartan and my profile, except my gamertag. I’m not looking for war hungry clans, but the occasional skirmish is fun. If I just described your clan, feel free to reply to this post or message me on Xbox LIVE. My G.T. is Big Al 1300. Thanks!

This is Tem of OCOMOS

OCOMOS is one of the most influential political clans support organisations of the military clans community of the Halo series ( on consoles ). I noticed your post here in the past, so sorry it’s only now i reply. As the primary cyber politician for OCOMOS, I have had contact with most of the military clans that operate on Halo Reach and Halo 4. I can tell you every known Halo 4 military clan ( those that have a reputation, or a media presence of whatever sort )
I appreciate that at this point you may have found a clan, but let me put this info out there for people anyway.

Halo Reach

Proper Military Clans
SOH ( competitive and military )
UUF ( not the oppressive clan of SentryStrike )
UAF ( former trouble makers on Halo 4 )
Others ( that may have military things )
ZERO Nation
The 99th Regiment

Halo 4

Proper Military Clans
HFM ( President tells me they’re still operating, though it’s unclear what that means in practice )
( LOS - unknown status post Triumvirate )
( EOTRS - unknown status post Triumvirate )

UHR ( part of the UHR community, not technically a clan )
UUF Expeditionary Force ( actual name unknown, part of the UUF mentioned in the Reach listing )

If you’re searching for a military clan on Reach then what there is is what there is. If military clans are on the return to Reach then I have no knowledge of it

If you’re searching for a military clan Halo 4 then you’re in luck. While times were tough with the UHR, UNR, UAF, URN, NSWDG and the JR ( or whatever Invictus was calling it ) move to the MCC, while the USR and then the UFR ceased operations ( can’t recall what happened to the clan they made on Halo 4 after that ) and with HFM turning inactive for so much time.
Today though Halo 4 is on the rise once more, restoring itself with the GWF and the UNMCF the two main players, and I know of at least one other upcoming clan that’ll return one of the figureheads of the past Halo 4 community to the community of today )
the Halo 4 Military Clans Community is on the rise once more
good luck to it

UNSC Epsilon Fleet


Hey everyone, my name is Handicape and I am the Lt. of UNSC’s Epsilon Fleet. This is a brand new clan for Halo Master Chief Collection. With a vision in mind we hope to create a home for the Competitive, the Casual and the Elite Players. With a great administration team in PERSCOM and great Field Commanders we will become a great clan and you are welcome to join the Fleet! We have a decent ranking system that is used to promote people on the web site so they can have more influence or more power.

This clan will be following an UNSC Theme and organization. We will have a similar chain of command as that of the UNSC. In the future there will be ODST and Spartan

Units and the possibilities are endless.
If you are interested in joining read below.

What we have to offer;

  • A wonderful website- Forums that are very active- Excellent Officer and leadership (not biased at all)- An intriguing and fascinating ranking system- The chance to lead your own squad if you aspire to leadRequirements for Joining
  • Must be 13 years of Age- Must have an Xbox One and Halo MCC- Join the Forums- Be respectful- Have common sense
    With humanity at war against multiple threats The Epsilon Fleet has answered the call. Will you answer the call as well? Will you join one of newest clans and be a critical part in its early success? We will love to have you be part of the Fleet and if you have any questions feel free to ask me at any time.
    With sincere regards,

Handicape, Lt, C4C

If you are still looking for a clan…you should check out mine The Nephilim. I won’t bother you with a cut and paste post but if you want to find out more about us send me a message on Xbox or a PM on here. My gamertag is KRAZY KOMBAT14.



Spartan omega 127 of the u.n.s.c Star Gazer. Looking for a military clan to join or mend into with my 1 man clan (hard finding people to join with just me) besides that I wanna see a good clan to join with while I work mine out. I was a loyal member of 5 clans before leaving due to problems within those clans. I do not have much of anything else to say besides this

Msg- PlenaLunaSoleas