Looking for Halo 4 Clan...

Hey guys, just simply looking for an active, competitive Halo 4 clan, if those still exist. I’d love to chat more online if there are any offers.

GT: Nuclear Oasis

Check out my Reach and 4 stats!

Thanks for your time.

Not sure how many ‘clans’ are still active, but I’m also looking for more active players, since I really don’t have any friends that still play halo. Also, looking to get a good clan or group of players together before Master Chief Collection comes out.

Add me if you’d like: TFinchh


Your best bet is to check the Recruiting section.

You can join CPG if you’d like to. We aren’t entirely competitive but we do have some members who focus on getting better and playing with other like minded people in a more competitive environment. http://cpgreborn.us/ thats our website. Check us out and let me know if you’d like to join.