Looking for halo 4 campaign player

I am currently playing the campaign on halo 4.
And i am also playing on legendary difficulty and have come to the conclusion
that i cant do it alone so if somebody wanna give me a hand it would be much appreciated.

Can I help you with the achievements to?

Because I still haven’t completed the fourth mission on saving a bunch of marines.

I will be glad to do help you to complete the campaign on legendary to get the

achievement I need. GT: threetriangles

Send me a friend request. I love playing campaign with people.

If you need an extra person, I’ll play. I just need to complete Midnight in co-op mode on Heroic or Legendary. I’ll help with any other achievements however I won’t be using a mic.

Just sent you an FR. I’m ready to help out!

I’m looking to do the Campaign all the way through with some guys on Legendary or Heroic. Add me and I’ll be down iTz BlaKe B

I’m willing to play with people in a party that I barely done in War Games, Spartan Ops , and Campaign.

The fastest and easiest mission to complete is Composer which you have to do a glitch that will send you to rally point alpha to delta I think people might know this glitch already, if not then this will get campaign skull challenges done.


Sure just add me on xbox live everybody

There now i have added you all on xbox live hope to see you all soon

can you send me a friend request on XBL because I didn’t get one

Looking to do campaign coop. Send me a request. Alpha Threat

Sure will

I’m interested, add me if any1 needs help, GT “Danial23”

I’ll do it. Anyone add me Interested in halo 4 co-op campaign on legendary

ME!! I wanna Start the whole thing from beginning so add me or team up with me I want to start from the beginning.

Also looking for someone to do the campaign with on legendary. I know this is an old post I’m responding to but if anyone is up for it, send a friend request to CTRDeathTrooper. I’m looking to do the legendary campaign for Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo 4.