Looking for Halo 4 buddies

Hello, my gamertag is Convicted (yes, the original :D) but you can just call me Fred. I’m 18 and living in Cali.

I’m looking for buddies to get achievements and all those things that buddies do.I’m more of a competitive player but I also play it for fun. I’m starting to get into MLG so I’m looking for good players. I consider myself pretty good but with practice and an actual team to practice callouts, time weapon spawns etc. I think I would be better.

So yeah hit me uppers!

I want to introduce myself as SupermansHero3 but you can call me Superman for everyone else does. I would love to be one of your Halo 4 “buddies” reach me when you are free and if you needed to know im a male 17 years old

Yeah, no problem man. Just sent the request.

Hey watsup names Zac add me I’m on just about every night and would be glad to play. Tag is Infinite Zero91