Looking for H5 Coaching (D6 or above)

I’m looking to polish up my game in H5. I’m ranked diamond 2 in slayer, swat, FFA and doubles. I’m hoping to find someone who is at least diamond 6 or above in slayer, FFA, swat, doubles and is competent in strategy for these game types. Map strategies, such as choosing the most efficient routes to get from point A to B, spawns, improving my movement mechanics, important jumps (I know many already and am confident on most of the maps and mechanics except for slide jumping and crouch jumps) are some things I’d like guidance on. Someone who can play matches with me and talk strategy as we go would be ideal. But custom games are fine too. Analysing my gameplay, strafing and 1v1 gunfights, etc. Just general H5 strat.

Ive dabbled in watching and learning from YouTubers such as ShyWay, Vetoed, and watching other pro players such as Shotzzy among others but I just need the practice and in-game guidance I think to apply ideas.

If things go well I’ll be looking for regular weekly sessions for at least an hour probably on most weekends so this could be a regular gig.

I’m willing to pay very reasonably once we meet up in-game and talk to see if things are legit and you are trustworthy and a good teacher. Email me at pianomanian2@gmail.com or add me online. My name irl is Ian.