Looking for H3 custom game buddies

Hey all,

Halo 3 used to be my favourite game ever when I was a teenager. It was all I played. I stopped about two or so years ago but the news of the MC Collection has reignited my fire for it. I started playing yesterday and I’m embarrassed at how rusty I am.
So, to preserve what is left of my K/D ratio on ranked/social, I’m looking for people who’d like to do MLG rules FFA custom games in the next few months! I’d really like to get back to where I used to be for November and those sort of games really helped. If you’re interested, PM me your GT. All my old playing buddies have moved on sadly…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me, I’ve been doing some MLG custom games myself to get up my BR :stuck_out_tongue:

GT: LunaticPikey

Thanks, man. I’ll add you.

Chaffyglobe75, give me an add :slight_smile:

Thanks! Have added.

I’ll join in.

Gamertag: Tr00perman567

Add: Nade genie

Need some practice

Hey guys, me and a friend literally were just talking about rebooting some custom games, so we googled it ;). Definitely looking for some duck hunt or halo on halo stuff. Our gamertags are T1v099079 and Erayne. Hit us up and we’ll come play.

Add me, Gt: iuminary

Add me. GT is same as here.

add me Nopr0blemz
the second o is a zero.

Hit me up too!

GT: TwiK999

I’m down
Gamertag: Inferno XBL

add me xAtrocityyyyy

Play MLG 4v4 customs all the time. Always looking for new people

Add me im playing H3/H4 always.


I am not on a lot because i have little free time these days. But you can add me if you’d like. I’m starting to get back into H3, and im embarrassed on how rusty i am lol.

GT: kkohler22

Would you please add me too, my friends and I have recently started going back to halo 3 custom games too, but need more players.Thanks GT Hugo Stigglitzs

I’m in! Add Benjaisfly !!

Mr Doogles