Looking For Group of Players to play Halo Reach

How is everyone doing? Ive been playing halo for awhile just looking for a solid group to play with. Miss the golden days of mic chat. Preferably an older crowd . If anyone’s interested comment on this post or PM me (EPBxXKNIVESXx)

Sure, I’m in, lets Reach for those golden days. Get it.

Still up for it?

I kept my 360 just for Reach. feel free to add me. Moneyballzs

You can check under the recruitment section.

Ever wanna play just message m

I am open to play. GT: DrtraumaTy

I’m up for halo reach, it’s all I play these days, and my squad that I’d play with has moved on, I mostly play Grifball and sometimes Slayer. GT : Peculiar Angel.

For all those who still love Reach, we have clan that plays MLG, Invasion, BTB and Customs. Generally laid back, we would gladly accept new members. So if you’re looking for some people to hang with or you wouldn’t mind a full team of eight in BTB or Griffball, message “CHS MightyDemo” for more information. So go ahead, join us. We have cookies XD

> Hey i need people to play with on reach and 4 also 5 so msg me if u need a squad member

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I need a team of 5 professional people who know how to kill enemies in a Grifball game, 1 to play regular grifball, and 2, to spawn kill this one player who’s gamertag is Redacted, any help from those who volunteer to join my lobby would be very appreciated.