Looking for good players Diamond-champion only

I am looking to form a great team for Halo 5. I keep getting stuck in the platinum ranks because I often have to play with people whose skill level is significantly less than mine. So I would like to get a really good team going. Send me a message on Xbox Live my gamertag is BansheemanX feel free to join the spartan company hells spartans company as well.

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Looking to recruit more to the Spartan Company that focuses in dominating in Warzone Assault and Warzone. We are casual tryhards to put it in terms.
Filling up fast, currently around 30 members.The name is WhiskeyPlay almost daily. During the week its mostly afternoons after work and during the weekend…well…nonstop at all hours. Will be focused on getting the company spartan commendations and having a blast while doing it. Most of us are around 23 years old.If interested, msg me on Xbox. Gtag: SpeedieRequirements: -Have mic -Mature -Lvl 50+ so that we know you are active in the game.

Hello used to be Onix on Swat, platinum on arena, slayer, break out, big team I do not play bad the problem that I have no team I need a team and I dont like to lose.

so we can play together to get more level on halo 5

add if u want to play my friend