Looking for Good Members for Clan

We are looking for 2 at least pro players that are good with team work and high KD’s 1.40 or higher.
Clans Name Is WonderBoltsAcademy.
We are wanting to do GB’s.
We also do emblems and colors.
Any info send Me a request on xbox or comment below thanks(GT= MrGamerPony).

Sure why not. But why not change service tags instead? My emblem is part of my halo id, the tags there for a reason lol.

Im not pro but im not bad Send me a message if youd like to try me out or something I think that’s better than using KD.

Age: 22.
K/D: 1.75 (16,990 kills, 9,358 deaths).
Assists: 6,294.
Win/Loss: 637 wins, 457 losses.
Play Style: Support.
Halo History: Since CE.

I am not bad and is easily capable of being in the top 3 slayer scoreboard in a match I use mainly DMRS and Battle Rifle I am okay with the Sniper Rifle too so you can consider me as a good ranged-carry But can I have a suggestion if you accept me as a clanmate could we change the clan name to (Aeon Clan) or (Team BearPaws) just saying but Aeon sounds cool

i have not been part of a clan sence halo 2 but hit me up. i am looking for people to play with.