Hey guys, I’m looking for good SWAT players in the Pacific Northwest region. So if you live in the Washington, California, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona states hit me up on Xbox Live my Gamertag is Luzoskiy

I prefer that you send me a message. Serious gamers only, I’m trying to get to Champion rank.

Tired of playing solo, carrying my team and having poorly skilled teammates drag me down to losses.

I’m not from that region, but I’m a serious swat player, onyx rank 1601
gt is fatal incidents

Serious Swat player as well from the midwest. Onyx 1613 and GT is VividFawn471850.

Add me Kayz Bruh

I am on the east coast, but with my schedule it might work out good. I usually play weeknights 9 EST to Midnight EST. Champion 98 in Swat, and have a mic. If you are interested send me an friend request and we can play (as I am tired of playing solo myself lol) gt: BurntNanners