Looking for Gold/Platinum Players

Hello everyone! I am a Plat 1 FFA and Gold 3ish Arena Player. I want to improve at the game, and find a regular team of people to play with. I am learning map callouts, and have watched just about every tip video i can find. I am willing to practice and spend hours in octagon, but I am still in school, so I can usually only play Fridays and Saturdays. My friends have either moved on from Halo, or don’t want to work on improving. If you are interested, comment below, and send me a message on xbox. My GT is the same as my username, and I should be on through out today. I would prefer Gold or Plat level players, though I’m fine with anyone willing to practice. Thx!

Also, don’t judge me on my overall K/D, I’m terrible at warzone xD

I have the same school situation as you do and I am rusty when I get on on Friday. Add me and we could do some Octagon to warm up :slight_smile:

k. Added you as friend. Im dylisapickl