Looking for Generals For Halo 4 Clan

I have recently decided to try making my own clan and am looking for 2 Generals to help me get it off the ground. I have been a die hard halo player since Halo 3 and in that time have been apart of 2 different clans. 1 I joined, and 1 i co-founded. I am not going to lie, as of this minute I am the only member of this new clan I am calling “Undead HitMen” UHM for short. For anyone wondering about what seems to be a failure starting a clan of my own, allow me to elaborate. The one I co-founded was called “Men In Recon” MIR for short. it started as a joke with me and a couple co workers and next thing we knew people wanted to join it and asked us to join. There were 3 people in charge. After a falling out with the two other co founders (not clan or video game related), we all agreed that since it was a 2 on 1 battle, with me being the 1 that them buying me out to leave worked best.

And for anyone wondering what clan i joined. I was in DHG (Die Hard Gamers) but had a lot of personal issues with how it was run. I do not want to elaborate any more than that because I have a lot of respect for a lot of former clan mates and do not want to get to into how i felt about the clan.

Now back to my current clan. I want this to be a competitively fun based clan. Meaning I want people who have an “in it, to win it” mentality, but at the same time know that it is just a game. I am not going to post too much due to character limitation, just the basics. Generals are allowed to completely build their own squads, and have a lot of freedom. The only rules for the clan are that members be 18 years or older, and have a working mic. After that its up to the general to recruit as he seems fit. I do have an exception to the age limit. if they have a friend or family member they want to add to their squad that is 15-17 years old, and has a mic, that is the one exception. to add to the competitive aspect of the clan, Generals are asked to recruit no more than 15 people for their squad (if interested this is elaborated on in the Generals Guidelines i have created and will gladly send to any interested parties) with the one exception being if the General want to be Big Team based or in a game type where 6 or more players are required per team. in that instance you are then allowed to recruit up to 25 people. No one is required to change their GT to include UHM i it, since i myself haven’t even done so yet, waiting to see if i can even get this off the ground.

that is just the basics if interested contact me either respond to this with your e-mail address or x box live personal message at my GT of Da Kurlzz FTW and send me your e-mail address so i can e-mail you everything on the clan: rules, code of conduct, ranks and duties of ranks. And the guide to what is expected of Generals.

thank you for taking time to read this and hope to hear from you.

You are in the wrong forum, you should go to the recruiting forum.

Good luck with recruiting!