Looking for Gamers

Hey guys, figured I’d give this forum thing a shot and post to look for some people to play some reach until halo 4 comes out.

Gamertag is “Omg Chubbz”.

I was really big into halo 2/3, haven’t played reach a ton but I figured I get back into things with 4 right around the corner. Add me and I’ll accept if you’re looking for someone to play with! Thanks



Keep them coming guys.

Appreciate it!


UNSC Marine Corps.

How about you join the UNSC Marine Corps.? It’s a great way to make many friends. We are a Halo only clan that is themed off of UNSC Marines & ODST’s. We currently have 23 members & are rapidly growing. We do not have an armor system, so you do not have to change your Spartan armor. We do however use an emblem. This would be mandatory. You would also have to be a regular user of our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you want to join now, please click the first link below. If you want to watch our recruitment video, click the second link below. Have a good day.



Recruitment Video: