Looking for gamers to Join IoN

If you’re a competitive gamer or a relaxed gamer who wants to have fun then you should join IoN! Message or reply for details!

Alright, I looked at your website and Im interested. The ranking structure resembles the system of a clan I used to be apart of way back in Halo 4 (XGO if you’re curious). I like that theres game nights and tournaments, since Im a competitive player, so I just want to ask a few things.

  • How active is Ion as of recently?
  • How many total members do you guys have?
  • How often do you guys group up?
  • Will I be forced to recruit or rank up?

I would like to play warzone with teammates that are not extremely terrible at not losing within 5 seconds.

Hey Probably Drugs! ill knock down those questions with some answers haha.

-We recently just cleaned our company and club of inactive members. So we have 90+ active members as of right now, since there are more members than what you see on our company.

  • The exact total amount is somewhat unclear, but it could be narrowed down between 90-100 members, though those numbers are rising by the day :slight_smile:

-We get together every night at 8:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m eastern for custom games and occasionally matchmaking. With the exception of Sunday, and holidays. We also do late night practices at 12:00a.m to 1:00a.m eastern for those of us that cant make the earlier practice. Most of the time we’ll stick together and go play matchmaking after our practices. So we get together quite a bit haha.

-Nope, ranking up and recruiting go hand in hand for our clan but neither are enforced. All we ask is that you follow our CoC, make sure to have your rank in your service tag for practice (in your case would be CDT#), show up to at least 1 practice every week. Also to add the IoN Saviors club, that way we can make sure you and everyone else is up to date on a daily basis {also to share awesome clips :wink: }

I hope ya like what ya hear and I hope to hear from ya soon!

Hi. I’m from Forerunner Spartans, a re-reformed military based clan, we use common-sense in our rules. We do raids, we have bootcamp . Forerunner Spartans has a good combat record.The reason that we win isn’t directly from skill or muscle memory. It’s tactics and communication. Coms are silent minus callouts or orders in serious matches. This gives us a massive edge.If you have any questions, wanna sign up, or would like to try a few matches with us, let me know.
Have a nice day.

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> I would like to play warzone with teammates that are not extremely terrible at not losing within 5 seconds.

Well the then come to ioN we have a lot of people who play warzone and many players who play champions league in ranked Matches as well. A lot of talent here at IoN