Looking for fun players to add to my company

Looking for fun players (if your under 18 its gonna be a trial basis), you must be skilled (not asking to have a positive k/d like that over 1.0 k/d that other companies ask for, I’m aware you can be really good but have a crappy k/d for any number of reasons). You must have a mic that works (to many games where a mic ran team would be beneficial, not to mention I just want to be able to chat as well). Must be mature (you can have fun but if your acting gross or talking about how high you are, not the company for you). Must be an active Halo player not just show up then disappear for a long period of time (I’m to used to people doing this all the time, it makes the game boring when your the only player from your company on for a week to 2 weeks straight, when you have so many players). We don’t do that clan ranking thing where people have to where specific armor colors, emblems, or have lots of practice (As fun as that would be its a pain in the butt setting all that up, not to mention I know everyone likes to where their own armor and emblems anyway. Oh and also we only do weapon call outs we don’t make you reserve weapons for certain players). Basically just a social company that just likes to have fun and win. If after reading all this your interested please message me. (Oh and if you made it this far then I can tell your serious about joining XD.)