looking for fun friends to play reach with =]

hello all, i am a chick; and am looking for nice/fun people to play reach with! not too many of my friends play reach; and i’m tired of joining games by myself and people being rude to me; it ruins the fun of the game! if anyone wants to play add me! =] {Pink Opaque} i’m not a bad player; bought the xbox specifically for halo 3, so i’m a halo girl for sure.

I would love to play! But unfortunately my parents don’t allow me to play during the week, so I can’t play until friday.

aw true, well whenever. i am an old lady so i can play whenever =]

My friend’s list is almost full… [-_-]
I wish we could have over 100 friends on xbox live. As far as I know, since halo 2 is offline, it is possible to make it over a 100 friends now. If anyone knows otherwise please tell me.
Anyways, welcome to the forums! My gamertag is the same as my name. Be nice, friendly, try storing the dirty-language in the timelocked-drawer, enjoy and have fun!

If you go over to bungie.net there is a pretty good group called midland base. They have game nights etc.

It depends on what kind of game-play you like. I play a bit of everything, but I play competitive try-hard style.

I don’t yell at my team-mates for making me lose, but I like to win, and trash talk the other teams a bit if needed.

I have people on my list that hold a lot of custom games, so if you’re looking for that I can hit you up on live.

Add meh!!! I play all the time. Customs, invasion, firefight, MLG anything really… I dont have too many friends that actually care about the Halo community like I do lol.

i will give you an add next time im on unless you want to add me my GT is SteelOwenz

My GT is Pendantcrayfish add me if you want.

add me, or i’ll add you once i get home. gamertag is same as sn