Looking for full dedicated team

I guess this technically makes me a Free Agent, but anyways here’s my take.
I consider myself an above average, competent, aggressive halo player. I know how to communicate, I know callouts, and I know how to work as a team. But it seems impossible for me to get together a team that is as serious as i am.
The past few seasons i’ve been a diamond player in team arena and team slayer, and onyx in FFA. But due to team quits and lack of communication i never seem to get past the diamond threshold in team games, which makes it fairly impossible to progress any further in a competitive setting considering i don’t have a consistent team…
That being said, i’m looking for a reliable few people, dedicated, honest, ready to work but still have fun. (This is a game, after all.)
I’m willing to work on my game, review film, study, practice, scrim. I’m willing to do what it takes because I envision myself competing.
I just need a squad. I’m willing to join a team, i’m willing to start a team. I just need some serious people who are dedicated like myself and willing to work together and get better TOGETHER.
If you understand what i’m talking about, and would like to team up or speak about this more, or in general have any tips for me, please, feel free to send me a message.
I’ll respond to messages on waypoint, however xbl is the quickest way to get in contact.GT: Kansas OG Kush

You should try playing with people in your spartan company or message any good players that you play against. Most of the time they will join your fireteam to run some games with you.

Most of the time there isn’t people on in my company and they never seem to want to team up. I’m looking for more a team who’s down daily to run as a unit and win together.