Looking for Friends

I’m no longer looking for a Spartan Company, but I would still like to have more friends for Halo.

I’m decent, but I’m what I guess I’d call “casually competitive?” I dunno what kinda term I’d give myself really. I’m not super worried about losing, but I play with winning in mind. Fun is my number one priority, and I’d like to have other people experience it with me.

I don’t usually play with a mic, unless I’m asked to, or if I’m playing with people that I enjoy talking to.
I just started playing Halo 5 about a week ago, so I’m kinda still tryna adjust a bit.
I also frequent Reach and MCC, but I do have plenty other games I like to play.

I’m okay with being friends with pretty much anyone, unless you’re annoyingly overcompetitive or something. I prefer my friends being friendly.
If you add me, make sure to message that you’re from Waypoint so I know.


The Tugboats are recruiting right now and we’re a new Spartan company that consists of eight members but we are growing pretty rapidly (800% in the last week). We are a casually competitive clan which means that we all want to win and improve but having fun is still number one priority. If interested apply here Tugboats and we’ll accept you. You’ll become an official member once we play a little with you and determine you don’t have to go through basic training. Hope to see you around!

0 Gravity is brand new formed today looking for players. Being an original member will grant a spot on our starting roster

Transmission Incoming
<\Play Transmission//>
Encryption Code: GREEN
From: <<\ Valiant Saber AI. ***** //>>
To: <B306,Spartan Hawthorn><<\Run Files//>
Subject: SPARTAN Attachment
Classification: Restricted
/Start File/Decryption Protocol/
We are the Spartan Company that resides on the prototype Razor Class Ship, the UNSC Valiant Saber.
This company hunts down the Rogue Spartans of the UNSC with extreme precision.
We are a Spartan Company that is just a bunch of friends
We have a machinima in the works break down above
Looking for friendly people who are willing to help in production of the machinima
Requirements for Recruitment

  • 18 or Older - Doesn’t Care about Irregular Gaming Schedule - Isn’t disrespectful - Will help contribute to the machinima - Create a Character for your Spartan**-----------------------------**
    Any Concerns Please Contact me @westy1724
    End Transmission
    <\Stop Transmission//>

You are more than welcome to check out the Halowheelmen community. We are always looking for people with love for the game. We also have winning as our goal but the general witheachother is stil more important.
We focus the most on warzone and play with a squad based system for it. Also did guides for Warzone and variuos other stuff. We are a majour community with the simple mindset of “Don’t be a -Yoink-”.
Your are not forced to join the Clan of the Wheelmen in any way in order to play with us (the HWM are just the representants of the community).
If you think this coud be for you,feel free to check my profile or msg me for more information about the Spartan Company or directly head to Halowheelmen.com to read through the forums. We also hae an active chatbox on the forms bt you have to be registered on the site to use it.

Have a good day.
HWM Gorillars

Hey Bro check us out… All we do is Warzone or BTB on Halo 5

We want to win always but have a great friendly communicative chat during gameplay. we work together to take charge over the game as a team

Check us out Galactic Marine Corps

Message me on Xbox Live GTAG: HUAK HULK if interested

I found myself a nice little group, and I updated the OP~

Sorry to those that are having trouble finding new recruits.
I wish you well!

I’ll play. Some how I’m in a group, but I never have anyone to play with.

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> I’ll play. Some how I’m in a group, but I never have anyone to play with.

I just added you. I’m on Xbox during most of my free time, so yeah~